Pic de Marcelly

A delightful ridge walk with panoramic views across to the Mont Blanc Massif and as far as Lac Leman. Commencing at the Col de Ramaz in Praz de Lys, this hike is perfect on a clear day. Recommended to sure footed walkers who have a head for heights and families who love an adventure! Average walking time 3 – 4 hours round trip.

Mont Chery

There are plenty of route options but we suggest going up the telecabine and following the footpath to the top of Mont Chery, enjoying the breath-taking views of Mont Blanc and then following the ridge down to Mont Caly for a Tartiflette lunch! This walk is perfect for anyone, including families with small children as the paths are clear & wide. 1hr30min return not including lunch!


A prominent peak overlooking Morzine – there are 2 paths through the forest – 1 being pretty much vertical! A great hike for those who are training and have a good level of fitness, and the view is worth it once you get to the top! 4-5 hours up and down


A friendly neighbour of the Ressachaux the Nantaux is another peak on the opposite side of the Ardent valley. A similar ascent/descent as the Ressachaux there are 2 different paths to follow, one being the infamous vertical kilometre! A fair few false summits and a steep ridge hike to the highest peak, but fantastic views above Lake Montriond. 4 – 5 hours up and down.

Col de Coux/ Lac des Mines d’Or

Commencing the gorgeous Valle de la Manche are some beautiful walks, our favourite being a wander round the Lac des Mines d’Or, up past the Ferme de Freterolle to the Col de Coux overlooking the Dents du Midi in Switzerland. A utopia for landscape photographers! 2- 3 hours round trip

Tour de Ranfolly/Chapelle de Jaquicourt

A lovely walk to the top of Les Gets, along a short ridge and down through the woods to the quaint chapel at the other side of the village. A great wander for mushroom foragers and a good opportunity to see a different view of the ski slopes! 5 hours round trip